Lib Dem candidate issues response in light of a 'forthcoming general election'

  Posted: 12.09.19 at 09:51 by Hannah Corfield

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Following publication of Neil Parish's statement, in regards to Brexit and the current state of affairs in Parliament - today we hear from John Timperley, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Liberal Democrat Party in the Tiverton and Honiton Constituency.

It is in response to MP Neil Parish's comments yesterday, which you can access via the red button below.

Dr. Timperly said: "The 2016 referendum was an advisory exercise in direct democracy commissioned by the Conservatives primarily to address internal party conflicts.

"The Brexit referendum is illegitimate due to now-proven illegal spending, interference from overseas and a campaign of mendacious, blatant and deliberate misinformation.

"Mr Parish states that Parliament is not functioning properly.

"It can be argued that before the illegal prorogation, most MPs were trying to do their job as our representatives, protecting their constituents from the catastrophe of Brexit.

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"It is not an MPs job to interpret the 'will of the people' in real-time, which is impossible.

"In the representative democracy in which we live, it is an MPs job to examine the evidence and put country before their party.

"The EU referendum is now 3 years old.

"The Conservative government has failed to negotiate a deal and the result of the 2016 plebiscite is invalid. We need to revoke Article 50 and have a General Election.

"High on the agenda for the new parliament must be electoral and parliamentary reforms – which the Conservatives and Labour have not supported over decades.

"In addition, we need to prioritise an urgent Public Inquiry into all aspects of the Brexit scandal.

"I very much look forward to the forthcoming General Election and discussing the record of our present government with Mr Parish."

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