Woz On - busy day for little Ton teams tomorrow

  Posted: 30.11.19 at 14:59 by Jeremy Rice - Honiton Rugby Football Club

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Woz On at Tonvilles? Well, we had a bit of a blank weekend rugby wise.

The gang of three were out early Saturday morning squelching around on the paddy fields, vainly hoping for a miracle.

Unfortunately, given my description, it wasn’t really a difficult decision and everything was off - or was it?

Chefs Nuttall and Pugh were already chopping and frying in the kitchen and Janet Dimond was sorting tables and wine.

So, a hasty confab was convened and it was agreed we’d go ahead with the Ladies Lunch as planed, but without the rugger. Hurrah!

The Chiefs games was on at three, so we put out an APB to all to come on down and watch and the day was planned without any proper rugby, which must be a first!

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Stopper decked in full apron helped serve up the grub and with Buggeroff helping in the kitchen and Julia, Mike and Jo sorting the bar, it really turned out to be a good day and it was a great atmosphere.

Big thanks to all who helped especially Jan who did a lot of the organising and with the Chiefs winning as well, a good day was had by all!

Sunday's games were also all off so it was a lazy day for all, unless you were given a list of chores to do!

We had a committee meeting on Monday and there were several issues that all seem to revolve around needing more volunteers at Junior level.

The Biggy was around finding a Junior fixtures Sec to replace Paula who, despite resigning because she’s moved away, has thankfully been holding the fort until a new one can be found.

Unfortunately, it has come to a head and as of Christmas this extra four months of 'good will' comes to an end.

What this means is, if we don’t have a replacement the weekly email saying who’s playing where and when will stop and confusion will reign.

On top of that, and more importantly, January is the key time to get all fixtures for next year sorted.

Without someone doing this, we will miss the boat and basically our junior teams will not have any games for next year.

Can anyone help to fill this vital role? It’s a pretty sedentary role and there’s no obligation to actually come to the club at all, as all can be done form the comfort of your home with a phone, a ‘puter and perhaps a pen.

Key skill is to be organised! If interested, full training will be done and Paula will give a full hand over etc. Frankly we’re desperate and the few just can’t do it all.

On a more positive note, our Marketing guru Christoff gave an update on activities and reported that we now have 65 sponsors on board which is just fantastic.

He mentioned two new additions to the family with Roger Hemmings Estate agents and Robsons Financial ltd coming on board.

Big thanks to them and to all of you who continue to help sponsor the Ton. It genuinely is greatly appreciated and we can’t function without this support.

Clare reported that the company using the club during the week for their training event were “well happy” with the facility and the price.

She’d asked everyone who was rugby training during the evenings to leave things clean, tidy and reported they all had!

Her plan from now on is to say someone's in every week! By the by, if you know anyone looking for a venue we're open for bookings etc.

So, Woz On this weekend? First up, is the Makaton singers, monthly shin-dig on Friday night and Clare reports it’s always packed.

As for rugby, for the seniors it was supposed to be a free weekend but last week's cancelled game has to be fitted in, so that’s now on for this Saturday 2.30 kick-off.

Just in case you didn’t know, it’s against Wiveliscombe and should be a close game, dare I say it - weather permitting!

There’s no Twos game.

Sunday is a busy one at the Ton, kids wise and we have six games at home.

The Thirteens play Totnes and all the rest are playing Taunton, so if your passing, pop on down.

Always an inspiring sight to see all the kids enjoying themselves.

Don’t forget to register for the 100 club, if you want to help the club and you could possibly win spondoolicks as well.

Go on the website and have a butchers for details.

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