Doubt cast over upcoming elections at Honiton Town Council

  Posted: 10.01.21 at 10:48 by Hannah Corfield

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For a second year running, coronavirus looks likely to cause the postponement of scheduled local elections in Honiton.

The elections that should have taken place last year – and are due in May – are the 10 by-elections caused by resignations from Honiton Town Council.

Now, with a third national lockdown in force and the clock ticking down towards 6 May when elections are due to take place again for Honiton Town Council.

Last week the government began contacting local councils to seek views on what should be done. In hundreds of elections scheduled across the country more than 40 million people will be entitled to vote.

What appears to be the most likely scenario is that the elections will be put back until autumn, with October appearing to be a preferred scenario in the regions – though word is that Downing Street would prefer to see the elections put back just one month.

It’s not just the issues of voting on one day and the subsequent count that causes concern, elections are likely to bring about significant door-to-door canvassing which health experts fear could cause another spike in Covid-19 transmission.

The search for answers from across the country is being driven from Whitehall where a spokesperson said: “Local government leaders have had a suggestion from government that the elections are moved to June or July, but many think that’s too soon to ensure polling booths are safe so have mooted the idea of September.

"Holding the elections with postal votes only has been ruled out.”

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