'Consider connecting with nature as a prescription' - get outdoors during 'Naturally Healthy May'

  Posted: 27.04.21 at 12:30 by Philippa Davies

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A new campaign, 'Naturally Healthy May', will encourage Devon residents to enjoy the great outdoors and improve their wellbeing.

Active Devon, a community-focused non-profit organisation, will be working with Devon County Council on behalf of the Devon Local Nature Partnership (DLNP) to share ideas on social media of new ways for people to stay healthy and have fun outside.

Activities that have already been suggested include walking, cycling, gardening, wild swimming, and bird watching.

A photo competition will also take place throughout the month of May, and will be open to all ages.

James Szymankiewicz, a Devon GP and member of the DLNP, said: “Simply being in the natural environment is clinically proven to improve your health and wellbeing.

“It is not a pill or potion, but consider connecting with nature as a prescription. One that works and costs nothing. It is so easy to do, just take that step outside to start with.

“The most important thing is you enjoy it. Think of it as an opportunity to invest a bit of time in looking after yourself, your family and this place we call home.”

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