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  Posted: 06.09.19 at 12:38 by Jeremy Rice - HRFC Secretary

Just one sleep away from the official kick off for the 2019-20 season! I wonder what this season will bring?

No flannel this week, I can’t mention you know what! However, my political chum Churchie has called for a pub debate with Canniford, Robbie, Guilbert and myself to discuss the way ahead - what a mess!

Did you see ‘Question Time’ last night? It was just embarrassing, but funny in a strange sort of way.

Cricket - Smith’s back! Someone needed to hit him with a bat over the lunch break, that’s the only way to stop him. Fair play to him though, what a player! Guess we’re going to try and hang on for a draw again.

I had a busy schedule of social events last Saturday, but I did manage to pop over to North Tawton to run the line (badly), so I did watch the last warm up game.

I got into trouble with the ref for not paying attention and talking to the crowd instead of actually watching every second and basically, I didn’t see if the ball bounced on the line or into touch. I wasn’t cheating, just not watching, oops.

Can’t wait for the injured Paz to be fit again. It didn’t help that he was watching my performance and just rolled his eyes after my ref ticking-off and there was much amusement over this for our supporters!

Anyway, to the game, we won! And this was done with us being a bit makeshift up front in the forwards department. From my count there were 10 front line troops missing from action and it was also against a big lumpy side so, all-in-all, a reasonable result and work to be done during training this week.

Spanish bloke and Sam Olive had their first team debuts, and both looked the part which was positive.

I must say the facilities at North Tawton’s ground are pretty impressive and it does go to show, if you own your own paddock, funding come with it. They also have a whacking great phone mast on site which has paid for their top-notch flood lights.

They might all die of radiation but hey-ho, they have a good ground with lights.

It was great to see our lads give over their match fees together with more money and with extras coming from our large numbers of travelling supporters as well, we were able to give a sizable donation to go towards their club captain who, sadly had a work accident in the summer that’s seen him now paralysed.

The fund is going towards sorting out his house to adapt it for his disability. Great to see the rugby community coming together again. They sent a nice message back to thank us, but all a bit sad and I’m glad we could help in a small way.

I had to leave straight away as I had to go to 60th birthday bash for my mate Robin Evans who I might add is one of our ex-players who I’ve known for ever.

In his day he was a pretty top notch, fast evasive winger, no idea as to the art of straight running and he always ran way further than anyone else in a game, but he scored a shed load of good tries for the Ton.

He’s officially old now unlike me of course! Anyway, a great night. When you see me, ask me to talk about his bin-liner, under garment antics.

Ally n’ Paul manned the kitchen with Alex n’ Clare on the bar to host Nathan and Anna’s daughter Rosalie’s Christening on Sunday, so big thanks to them for doing that.

Moving on, we’ve been busy trying to get things ship-shape for the start of the season and big thanks to my chum Malcolm Lewis Jones who answered the call for the use of a pressure washer.

He has in fact, donated it to the club on the proviso that if he needs it we will let him borrow it - I’ll have to think about that! Joking aside, big thanks to him for that and also for his kind, continuing support for the Ton.

So, Gordon and I pressure washed up the top and with the council doing work this week we hope to have the top changing rooms up and running for Saturday’s two home games. I’m having to pray though, as I think they will struggle to get it done on time.

Stopper and Gordon, as usual, have been beavering away and shelves appear stuff gets moved and done. I can but express the ‘old girls’ gratitude to the pair of them, who both do a huge amount behind the scenes to keep on top of stuff.

I must also thank my chum Mike Cleal who managed to spare some time to come down and hang a new door to our new cellar which looks the bee’s knees. Stopper took Dave McGrath on to the roof to investigate the kitchen water leak.

I’m pleased to report Dave found it and hopefully that’s another problem solved so big thanks to him for that. Dave Lee also popped down in full strimming gear and he’s now tidied up Stoppers Tomb area (aka John’s score board) - so again big thanks to him for that. All in all, ‘old boys done well!’

Great to see Aron Spence back in action at the Ton as he is now helping Richard Woolacott with the coaching of the under 14’s. He’s a level two coach which is great, and we are hoping some of the other junior teams can tap into his experience form running some of the County setups.

Thursday night whilst training we had a ‘working party’ to carry on the ship-shape task. Great to see one of our junior teams turn up on mass and we even had the kids helping with the numerous tasks so big thanks to Tracey Paris and her merry band.

Thanks also to Ally, Julia, Janet, Roger, Lee, Pidge, Dave Lee and Lorna and of course the other regulars, they know who they are. We got a lot done and the chair re-covering project resembled a factory assembly line. It’s great to see people helping their club.

Ok, thanks done. Woz on this weekend? Well, on Friday night we have the Makaton singers in the club which is always inspirational. Clare is, as always, running the bar for them.

And then for your delectation on Saturday, we have a double home as we kick of the season. Two’s KO at 2.30 and One’s at 3pm.

We’d love to see you all down at the Ton HQ for a pint, some banter, mickey taking and of course to cheer the boys on. If you can help in the kitchen that’s even better!

The One’s play the mighty St Austell and it will be a tough old test for us, but I reckon it will be a tough old test for them as well. They haven’t been here for a long while but whatever, support is needed at Tonsville! The Ton needs you.

The Two’s now have a hastily rearranged game against Cully and it’s Birdies first proper game in charge and he will love some support.

For both, team selection has been tough but it’s a long old season. We used 45 players in the first team last year, so you can see it’s a stick together situation - that’s what bought home the bacon last season.

I believe Cavey has organised for the players to have a bit of a social afterwards. I have no idea who the fancy dress character is, but that’s no surprise given I’m really old - someone will enlighten me!

That’s it for this week. Don’t forget, always got volunteer work for you if you want and please keep eyes peeled for freebies and acquirements, benefactors or sponsors - Lord knows we need ‘em!

If you want to sponsor a player just let me know and I’ll set Chris on you.



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