WATCH: Honiton student Emilene performing 'Rainbow' to lift your spirits

  Posted: 26.03.20 at 10:10 by Hannah Corfield

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Two GCSE students at Honiton Community College are already hitting the big time with music they've created at a local studio.

Talented singer, Emilene Doble, along with best friend since pre-school, Maddy Hopgood, who is a pianist, have been hitting all the right notes since recording tracks and performing with local producer, Mike Ponting.

As a friend of the girls’ parents through school connections, Mike spotted Emilene’s gift for singing and has used his combined skills as a musician and producer to get her music onto Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

Mike built Inspire Studio, located just outside Honiton, four years ago; the result of a lifelong passion for music and having played guitar since the age of seven.

"It's great working with (as yet) undiscovered artists, giving them the opportunity to record a pro-sounding track, developing performance opportunities and getting their music out there in the public space," Mike told Nub News.

"'Lost without you' by Freya Ridings is a great hit song, however we felt that performing in a festival environment that it needed a face-lift.

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"In preparation for Goren Festival 2019 we decided to mix it up and take the tempo up, introduce guitar and make it more upbeat.

"We had not planned to record it, so the latest release was an impromptu session in the studio after practicing other songs.

"The 'festival version' is out now on all major music platforms;
Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

"We filmed our second ever play through of 'Rainbow' by Stacey Musgraves and has had nearly 8k views on YouTube."

Last year, Emilene performed at the Honiton Air Ambulance Open Day, Lyme Regis Busking Festival and Honiton’s Goran Festival.

Donna Yaxley-Doble, Emilene’s mum said: “Mike is amazing and has really encouraged Emeiline.

"She has always loved singing since a really young age and Mike has helped her develop her natural ability.

"She doesn’t realise how amazing her voice is, which is part of the beauty of it.”

Watch Emilene performing other great songs on the Inspire Studio Facebook page, YouTube channel and follow Inspire Studio on Instagram.

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