Working at Honiton Co-op has big impact on young man's life

A sense of belonging and local community has made a big impact on a young man starting out a career in retail sales at a Honiton store.

The Co-operative business naturally respects those who have served the community for many years, but it is also important to celebrate the people starting out.

At Honiton Co-op in Lace Walk, some colleagues have worked there for more than three decades. At the other end of the spectrum, however, there is 21-year-old Cameron James Hood. Cameron started at the store just five months ago.

Given the timing of his employment, the Covid-19 crisis has had a major impact on his experience.

“I started at the beginning of March, right when stores like ours were becoming more busy. So, right from my first day, there was plenty to do and plenty to learn,” he said.

“I only moved to Honiton 11 months ago, having lived in Somerset before. I like the town - it’s very quaint and there are lots of local shops.”

Despite the challenging circumstances, and having a key role as an essential worker amid a pandemic, Cameron is enjoying being part of the Co-op and the Honiton community.

“I really like the store and working alongside such a supportive team of people,” he added.

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