Woz On - a busy start to 2020 for the Ton

  Posted: 10.01.20 at 15:14 by Jeremy Rice - Honiton Rugby Football Club

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Happy New Year to you all - I bet you're fed up with people saying that now!

Anyway, that’s the Christmas shenanigans done and dusted for another year and we are now into what I call the winter 'hard yards'.

I guess we’re all trying to catch up with money, diets, no booze etc, etc, but a note for your delectation, we can now do something new - 'veganuary' - good luck with that one!

Maybe all those lovely holiday adverts I keep seeing are put on at this time of year to help with everyone’s January blues. I reckon we are all being secretly controlled somehow.

Carole Pidgeon’s funeral was held last Friday and it was great to see a packed church and there were lots of Ton old boys there, paying their respects to someone who did a lot for the club back in her day.

As a keen sport's woman it was great to see lots of her old hockey chums there as well. I got to thinking, playing team sports and/or belonging to a club creates lots of life long chums!

NEW WEEKLY NEWSLETTER!! Keep your town in your pocket.

The Ton were back on the road for 2020 on Saturday with a short trip over to Tivy.

I must say, this league means a lot less travel but fair to say, we’em struggling a bit.

We need to stay in it! The game on Saturday was frankly a bit of a farce and if you were there or have seen some of the pictures you will see why.

There was 20 minutes of rugby played and from then on, the game descended into what was, just a slog in a muddy trench and you really couldn’t tell who was on who’s side.

At one point a Tivy player made a half break and their guy passed the ball to a Honiton player by mistake.

That player then waded his way back towards the Tivy line and then he passed the ball to one of their players and all because everyone just looked the same.

Really the game should have been abandoned but hey ho, it wasn’t and of course we would say that because we lost.

After the game, we came into the bar and there was rugby on the telly where the teams were playing on a synthetic pitch - I just thought to myself 'oh how the other half live'.

I doubt Tivy will be able to play on that pitch for a while now, it’s a real mess. They could rent it out for a world war one enactment group though!

I must say a big thanks to Val Sheen from Top to Bottom Cleaning, as it’s her team that wash our shirts week in week out and this week has to have a special thanks as it can only have been a toughie, you could hardly pick the kit bag up.

Anyway, back to rugger. This loss puts us in the mire a bit and we are now third from bottom, but we do have a game in hand.

Thing is, the bottom six sides are all within a few points of each other so it’s now turning into a dog fight down there.

We basically need everyone to rally round and get behind the boys, a win will do us the world of good!

Saturdays Two’s game was cancelled, as the opposition couldn’t raise a side and personally, I do worry about 'grass roots' rugby in general, as it appears to be struggling all round.

l could bore about my many theories as to why this is, over a pint, but since the introduction of money into the game it’s changed big time.

I wish I had the answers to some of the problems, but there bigger social issues involved now and it’s fair to say, it’s far easier to be an armchair sports person than to actually run around or get involved.

I don’t think it’s just rugby mind, as I’m seeing declining numbers within all team sports. Crikey, I need to cheer up!

So, to this Saturday 'Woz On' as I say! The One's are at home to the Camels from Weybridge.

They gave us a 'kicking' down in deepest, darkest Cornwall so we owe them for this return fixture.

I remember when I first played the Camels! T’was back in 1987 when I was playing for Old Reds in Bristol, I was skipper on the day and we stuffed ‘em.

I was given a tie from them after the game. They used to do that sort of thing in them days. I’ll see if I can dig it out of the loft for Saturday, it’s got Camels all over it.

I might get a free pint from them if I can find it, you never know!

The Ton took two sides down there when we played them away earlier this season, but guess what? Their Two's haven’t honoured the return fixture.

Too much effort to come up here I guess (wash my mouth out).

Anyway, Churchy has organised another game at home against the Exeter Engineers who are also know as the 'fit uni students' I’ve modified that a bit as there was an F word used instead of 'students'.

It means we do still have a double home, but both games look a tad on the tough side - your support will be welcome!

On Sunday, the Juniors are back in action after their seasonal break.

The 14’s have a game against Wellington, the 13’s are away at Exmouth and the tackers 7 & 8’s are over at Taunton.

Unfortunately, Paula hasn’t been able to find a replacement game for the 9’s and 11’s or 12’s because their oppositions pulled out.

Now, 'Woz On' next week. There’s a commercial meeting on Monday night. Andy, Justin, Jo and Chris are chin-wagging, but if you’d like to be nosey, you can pop along to see what they’re discussing.

We have a training company hiring the club during the week days, which all adds to the coffers.

Hopefully we have the heating sorted by then, but we’ve got the Tyers’ clan on that little peccadillo. Big thanks to them for their continued support with our plumbing issues.

Next Sunday 19, we are also going to hold a Junior meeting at 1.30 after all the Junior games have been played.

We’d ideally like all the parents of our juniors members to come along to this, so we can discuss the way ahead for us all and also to get everyone to understand how the club works and functions. Can we all pass the message on to all the parents so we get as many there as possible.

Anyone is welcome to come along as all positive thoughts will be appreciated.

Now for some good news, our chums at the Chiefs have sent us some tickets for the Sunday evening game against LA Rochelle (Jan 19 at 5.30pm).

I’m selling them at £12.50 a pop, with all the money going to club coffers (don’t worry they know we do this and they allow us to sell ‘em or to do as we wish with them, just to try and help Junior clubs).

It’s a first-come first-served, money up front situation. I’ve got 14 standing and six sitting.

Going to do them in twos, so no one gets greedy.

By the by, did you know the Ton played La Rochelle when we were on tour in France. We lost heavily but it was day two of our tour - all adds to our club's rich tapestry (I’m so full of useless info).

Think that’s about it for this week. Let’s keep the faith and don’t forget anything you can do for the old girl will be greatly appreciated.

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