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  Posted: 31.08.19 at 10:22 by Jeremy Rice - HRFC Secretary

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Woz On? Well in my world, a fair bit! I became a Grandad again, as Emma and Josh had a baby girl on Wednesday.

I popped down just after the birth to say hello and welcome Ruby to the Rice clan and I can report they were all fine. They are all now out of hospital and back at home contemplating a few years of not sleeping and nappies.

Had to mention that first, as obviously that was my priority event this week.

I guess Brexit and politics is next up and as I’ve reported in this article on many occasions it’s still a mess with no agreements in sight and things are now just getting worse and worse in terms of finding any amicable solutions!

I could go on and give you my thoughts which are, I’d like to think, balanced but as I keep saying, I/we can do very little to influence things so it’s a sit back and watch the comedy sketch go on, both “in and out” sides are as bad each other.

Now on to sport… Cricket… who said test cricket was dull? Most exciting end to a game I’ve ever seen, but my-oh-my, did we ride our luck amongst one man’s brilliance! Hey ho, we won, and it now means we’re still in with a shout to get the Ashes back – we’ll also gloss over the 67 all out.

My chum Martin came around to watch the rugger on Saturday and as he supports the Paddies there was a bit of banter to start with, but as the game progressed I thought he was going to slash his wrists. Come the end I toned down the “gloating” lamp.

Reality was they were poor, and we were blinking good!

NEW WEEKLY NEWSLETTER!! Keep your town in your pocket.

I liked Eddie’s selection and I guess he might go with something similar to that as a starting line up!

I’m actually looking forward to the start of the world cup now.

We are going to do breakfasts/fry ups for the weekend games at the club and we’ll get something out nearer the time to publicise it.

Obviously, it will be a “book a table” thing so we can gauge numbers etc. Dates for the first-round games are as follows: Sunday 22nd September v Tonga at 11.15am, Thursday 26th at 11.45am v the USA, Sat 5th Oct at 9am v Argentina, and Sat 12th Oct at 9.15am v the French.

Next up, I must mention the arrival of the Ton’s new Spanish signing “Pedro”. Actually, he’s called David pronounced “Da vid” so I better drop the Pedro tag. He’s staying at Rice villas at the mo, much to the delight of Mrs Rice! He’s 21, plays in the back row and having watched him at training this week, he looks half decent - meaning he can catch, pass and bosh. According to the wife he’s also an ‘ansom chap and will have a few girls heads a turning.

Jobs done this week; Wellies brother Mark has plastered the front of the kitchen wall so that’s ready for painting and will give it a finished look which is great news.

Andy and Stopper sorted out the container out the back and it’s now “shelved out” neatly as our building come store room.

We still have a list of jobs that need doing so if you have an hour or so, give me a shout!

We hope to have a working party next Thursday from 5pm but if in the meantime you have a mo, we could do with a hand to sort odd jobs before the tidy up date.

On that note, has anyone got a pressure washer we could use to sort out the top changing rooms. We need this done before Tuesday, as the council are then going in there to sort out the bits of work I’ve asked them to do for us, so we can use them for the start of the season. Bell me if you can help with that.

This Saturday we are taking a side over to mid-Devon to play North Tawton in a final warm-up game before we kick of next week. They got promoted into the Devon and
Cornwall league this season, so it should be a good test for both sides as we are once again just a tad light in the forwards depart.

KO is at 3pm if you want to come on over to watch.

That’s it warm-up wise and bar two training sessions next week, it’s then into proper action with the mighty St Austell as our first visitors apparently.

They recruited players from Camborne and Redruth, so it will be a sternest. Don’t forget we are doing an ex-players lunch and if you’d like to book a seat let Ally know.

Great to see several of our junior sides out training as well and they kick off their seasons at the back end of Sept when they are all back at school. So, all round, “rugger is a coming”.



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