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  Posted: 05.10.19 at 13:20 by Jeremy Rice - Honiton Rugby Football Club

Busy old week again. Unfortunately for me, I did agree to help man the gate on the over flow car park for the 'Gate to Plate' event for the council.

Had to be done as the council were paying us for doing it. My chum Gordon popped down and gave me a hand for an hour when it was really busy, but he had to go at about 11 as he was off to Cornwall to watch the Ton.

So, I soldiered on for the rest of the day and I must say by being a bit proactive, I did manage to get several cars to use the field rather than the car park for a small donation that was less than the car park.

Thankfully the ground wasn’t too wet, so it all went well and I made a bob or two for the club. I must also say thanks to my chum Dica, as she popped by and gave me a blinkin lubbly, posh scotch egg.

Councillor Twist felt sorry for me as well and he returned from the Vine Pub at lunch time with a pint which I must say went down very well indeed.

My volunteering meant I was unable to go down to Cormwall (as they say) to watch the troops and maybe that wasn’t such a bad thing, as I’m afraid both the first and seconds came away with nothing as the Wadebridge Camels done us in.

The twos game was unfortunately abandoned in the second half with Honiton only a couple of points down but it was done to sort out an injury to young Dom Lovelsey who had to go to hospital.

He's okay now, but might be out of action for a week or two. The ones were well beaten and for the first time in a long while they didn’t get on the score sheet at all and they went down by a sorry 36-0.

It was a bad day at the office as they say, apparently we squandered chances and defended poorly and in this league (as I keep saying) if you do that you will come off second best. Hey ho!

Sunday I got up early to check that the pitches were okay for our first weekend of proper junior fixtures.

As I’m sure you can recall it rained a lot on Saturday night, so there was a concern but all was fine so “game day” was on for the lads.

I’ve looked on the junior Facebook page and from the reports and pictures it would appear we won most of the games we played which is great.

I was also press ganged in to reffing the under 14s, as it was a cup game and with a small squad compared to the opposition. I can confirm our boys blew them away and sent the Exeter side back home with tails between their legs.

Our boys were far stronger and a lot more organised than the opposition and they played some pretty good rugby.

I did catch up on some of the rugby on the telly as well and this nonsense regarding high tackles is starting to really effect the game and as I’ve said, we are going to see players sent off left right and centre. At our level, with no TMO’s, our standard of refs will just be trigger happy.

I did notice in the game I reffed on Sunday, there was a lot of appealing and whinging from the visiting team. I did feel like saying to several of them that maybe they should take up table tennis instead, as I felt they’d be better suited to that sport!

Honiton had a fit strong prop and Exeter didn’t and he kept complaining that the Honiton prop was pushing too hard and even the coach complained as well!! I would suggest he needs to do a “man up” session this week.

We had a bit of cooker problem on Sunday and hopefully we can sort it. Will Tyers sorted our hot water problem during the week and once again big thanks to him.

Keeping the old girl running is worse than running a home me thinks. Paz is on the case with the temperamental gas situation and hopefully it’s sorted for Saturday.

Andy and Justin and I met up to discuss a few things and I also met up with Ally and Clare, our Catering and Bar managers, to discuss day to day issues on how the first full weekend went.

Busy was the word, but from both meetings it’s clear to all we could still do with more people actually helping on game days. Kitchen staff and bar staff are the main areas.

Plus, we desperately need someone to manage the junior fixtures which is an arm chair/computer/phone job really.

Paula who has done it for years has moved away from the area but is still holding the reigns for us, which can’t really continue. So, if you know someone who can help or you want to do it please let me know. I must say a big thanks to her for her continued support.

Woz on this weekend? Saturday we have a busy day. First up was to be Michael Jo and James’ offer of breakfast whilst watching the England game against Argentina but we’ve had no takers which is a shame.

I went to the last one they did and the breakfast (with several cups of coffee) was really good and a more that full plate for sure. We will try again for the next one. If you are interested nosh is £10 and well worth it Mike’s number is 07909 545426.

Ally is rustling up nosh for one of our sponsors (Jewsons) before the game. Our ones are back in action at home after their mauling last weekend and they could do with your support as they face another tough old visit from the Wellington clan, who have had a good start to the season and are a strong outfit - as we know from a couple of seasons back.

Sunday there is no junior rugby action, but Ally’s up again as she is sorting out the kitchen for the Triathlon bods.

This is the re-run of the one that was cancelled in July because of the Travellers issues. It’s always a good watch so if you want a coffee and a bacon butty whilst you watch - you know where to come! Starts early as well, if anyone wants to give her a hand it will be welcomed.

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