Woz On: Coronavirus

All this Covid-19 stuff has been surreal and my casual comments of previous weeks, where I said it’s going to get worse, were all just a bit of an understatement.

As you know it’s official, the rugby season is over and given the grand scheme of things our sport really does pale into insignificance given the scale of other things right now.

We still don’t know what they are going to do with how a final table is sorted out, but feel it’s safe to say, we will be in western counties when and if we resume playing.

Problem is, for our small voluntary organisation, we have basically fallen off a cliff, in terms of revenue and paying bills etc. We are now at the bottom of said cliff, in a bit of a dazed state.

No one’s fault but because the last time we were officially open we had a humdinger of a social, which had a great atmosphere, we got cleaned out of stock and as we do, we then went and put in a large beer order to replenish for the weeks ahead, then wham!

We’re shut and life as we know it is over - can’t sell it - or even send it back as the breweries have fallen of the same cliff.

To try and help with this little peccadillo Jo and Mike ran a 'beer take away' hatch from the club last Saturday and a lot of our guys turned up with milk cartons and bottles to buy cost price beer and sit in the field on their own, drinking it.

We sold a bit and big thanks to those who turned up to drink it.

Fact is, we are still holding a lot of stock. Sell by dates are sort of ok but when will this all end is the question and anyway all events are cancelled?

If you have any ideas to use it, let us know but I’m guessing you’re also not having parties where you require a bar.

We are (fingers crossed) hoping we can get one of these grants that’s on offer and Andy C is on the case with that one.

I know you are all suffering as well, but if you could join our 100 club it will greatly help with some sort of revenue and if you’re in it, you will get a chance of winning something as half of the money goes on prizes.

I do fear we might lose some of the Devon clubs over this issue, especially the ones who pay players, let’s hope we can keep our nose above the water line and survive.

Any ideas on fundraising let us know, but I reckon everyone is going to find money tight. We also need to consider awards for all our age groups but right now this is not high on life’s agenda.

So, what to do in the meantime? Frankly, we can’t really do anything but sit it out and do as we are told.

On a positive note, we have offered up the kitchen to Jason Hannay’s town support group.

With his drive and the work of Cathy and Tony McCullum and the generosity of townsfolk, who have been offering food to them.

They have been beavering away cooking ready meals and sticking them in Jason’s mobile freezer all ready to deliver to the stranded and needy when money gets really tight, which it will.

If any of you can help with donations of food or are prepared to help cook or when it comes to it, to help volunteer to deliver the meals can you give Cathy a call on 07436537070.

Great to see true Tonite community spirit in action. Hats off to them for what they’ve already done and to our fit healthy bods with nought to do, why not think about helping if you can in a safe way?

Been thinking a lot lately and seems strange how in good times the important jobs are all the high powered ones but when a crisis comes along the “important roles list” seems to get completely turned up on its head.

I was communicating with my chum Will Goulden and we were discussing the crisis and our NHS colleagues and care workers and how important they are to us all now.

We at the Ton must recognise the unselfish act they are all doing for us all and that’s right down to their cleaners, who are suddenly almost the most important people in all of this.

As you know, we have several health workers as part of our club and I will mention Ally for one, she works tirelessly for you all at the club as our long suffering unpaid catering manager but is also in the NHS on the front line, with frankly pretty poor protection gear for her own safety.

To her and all of them it’s a massive big hurrah from me and if I can be allowed to.

I say that on behalf of the Ton.

If you know any of them just Facebook them say thanks and try and cheer them up, it must be a tough call to have to carry on going in.

Having one living in my own house hold, it’s a sobering thought. Thinking they are going out and putting themselves in harm’s way because there is no option not to.

When you know 1 in 10 deaths in Spain are health workers, it’s a serious commitment by them for all for us.

That’s a bit serious from me but maybe it had to be said.

Stay safe everyone, these are difficult times. Be nice to everyone, send nice messages, avoid the horrible ones, try phoning people up and having chats.

Don’t ring me though, I never know what to say and find it awkward!

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