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  Posted: 09.08.19 at 11:45 by Jeremy Rice

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Well we got stuffed in the test match which is first up, don’t they know we won the cricket world cup? Still, on to the important sport - we play Wales on Sunday, so I suggest you get yourselves out of the gales, feet up and a glass of beer to cheer us on.

I’ll give you my two pence worth on our performance next week. World Cup is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to it already.

Not sure how people can afford to go and actually watch, a reasonable good seat at one of the England group games is £600! And that’s not to mention getting there and paying for accommodation! Glad to see some one’s making money out of it.

Mentioning the weather, our foray into marketing and promotion has been put on hold as the Gate to Plate event in Honiton has been postponed because of the impending weather.

We were going to have a stand so we could show off the cups etc and at the same time try and do a bit of marketing for new junior players and volunteers.

We had also signed up to manning a car park for the council and it was to have been on the Allhallows playing field.

NEW WEEKLY NEWSLETTER!! Keep your town in your pocket.

I was a tad worried as a lot of cars on the top pitch with wet ground under foot was a recipe for disaster, plus the fact I’d been struggling to get bods to help out as well hey ho, problem solved but no £300.

I think the event has been moved to September now, which will clash with our rugby, so not sure what they will do about a car park!

Speaking of Allhallows, I met with a council man and his clip board and I showed him the state of the top changing rooms with holes in the ceiling, paint coming off them etc.

I explained we’d had unwanted guests camping in there from a break-in and I enjoyed showing him the graffiti which included a picture of a part of the male anatomy with several unsavoury swear words around it.

He took pictures and nodded. I explained we start playing rugby in September and it was slightly urgent to get them up to scratch, so I await the outcome of our chat. I did drop in the words 'fit for purpose and paying rent for it'.

Work at the club has been progressing slowly. We have the ceiling up in the cellar and the bar 'work top' is up. As expected, we didn’t fully meet our deadline but hey ho, that’s life in volunteer land.

Given this thing is cancelled on Saturday, it now means we can divert the few volunteers we had for that to do some club work which is helpful and we can hopefully press on with bits n bobs - come on down if you’m free and you are also galed off!

Big thanks to Gordon and Stopper who have been plugging away with this project. Gordon is especially proud of the door he’s made to hide the pipes etc out in the show room.

Will Tyers has sorted out the dishwashers and sinks, and yes there is now lighting in our new cellar, thanks to Paz’s efforts.

Jason H fitted the coolers as well and I think we can say that after 45 years we have a half decent 'beer' cellar and for those of us who, over the years have battled with changing barrels in cramped conditions, I can report it will be a much more pleasant experience from now on.

I was lucky enough to get an invite to go to an 'after wedding' bash for one of our ex-players and new VP, Mr Gareth Abbot.

It was a mid-week do and with a bit of improvisation and a marquee it was held at Large fellows vineyard, the weather behaved and with splendid views down on the village of Dalwood and Mike plying everyone with 16 or 17 vintages it was rather pleasant all round.

Only problem was, it was a school night so an early exit was required otherwise I’d of been in trouble delivering my morning talk on 'forced UC migration' - sounds dull doesn’t it? And just to confirm, it is!

With a bit of decking to level things up I can see Large fellow could set up a new 'wedding venue' business up there - just a suggestion.

Now, last week I mentioned the first of our new season meetings was to be held this Thursday night. I was a tad hasty with that as several said they couldn’t make it, so all has been moved to next week.

So, next week Tuesday on the 13th we are meeting the town council re some potential funding from 106 money.

On Thursday 15th we are holding the junior managers and coaches meeting to sort out running issues and plans for the coming season.

Then the week after on the Tuesday 23rd we will hold a full committee meeting for our new committee.

So, that’s about it for this week - rugger is just round the corner!


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