Alan Rowe MBE raises £2,000 after completing gruelling challenge in extreme conditions

  Posted: 10.01.20 at 12:36 by Alan Rowe MBE

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Even with the best attempt at planning, things don't always go as you would like.

Baton Trustee, Helen Tailyour, had completed the Fan Dance on Saturday 4 January carrying the Baton and handing it over to me to carry the next day.

I knew my crack at the Fan Dance on the Sunday would be pushing my limits to the extreme after a difficult year and not being able to do much exercise at all.

Ascending Pen Y Fan, which stands at 2,907 ft tall, I took it steady.

The summit weather was interesting, with 50 mile an hour winds driving fine drizzle.

Descending the well known rocky Jacob’s Ladder my ankle turned I fell badly resulting in a dead leg and wrenched right shoulder.

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It took a while to shake-off the effects descending and carry on to the rest of the course.

Annoyingly, my shoulder then became more of a problem when my 30lb backpack strap started to bite in on the swelling, which did not help.

By the end of the challenge, the fall’s effects meant I had lost good time getting in an hour later than planned, but by finishing I had earned the incredible sponsorship (around £2,000) my many friends and customers had generously given towards The Baton‘s cause.

The organising team were great in making sure I got down the mountain okay, with very generous comments as to continuing and finishing in the condition I was in.

The icing on the cake was receiving my finishers patch from the inspirational Ken Jones event in 2013.

Starting up Pen Y Fan

My sincere thanks to everyone who supported me and got me fit enough to even attempt the challenge.

I am also so grateful for the messages asking if I am okay - you are diamonds, all of you!

To find out more about the amazing work of The Baton charity click the red button below.

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