Calling all local businesses willing to help sponsor the town's Christmas lights

  Posted: 09.08.19 at 12:41 by Hannah Corfield

You may not wish to think about Christmas in August - even though the weather seems to say December! But, discuss it we must, because organising Honiton's festive décor starts now.

"So much to do, so much to plan! Luckily, the work that we did last year has set us up well," said member of the town's Christmas lights committee, Duncan Sheridan-Shaw.

"We are building on new ideas now and pushing the barriers to come up with new ideas.

"This year we are looking to seek a sort of sponsorship from local businesses.

"We are seeking £250 from local companies to help put up and maintain a light for each supporting body.

"This light will be adopted and the company logo will hang from the light for the duration of the festive period.

"We've already had support from small groups - we have had Tesco Honiton pledge £250 to support a light, regardless of the promotional aspect.

"We are working very, very hard with the town's Chamber of Commerce and the Town Council market development team to raise the profile of the 'switching on' event.

"We are looking into special seasonal markets to coincide with the switch on. We seek to promote a late night shopping event in the town, as well as massively beautiful displays in the shop windows.

"Something to compete with Regent Street!

"It's now time to invite colour, light, music and fun into our town centre and strive for more festival-style events that will draw more and more visitors to our town - not just for Christmas but for every day of the year!

"Anyone who wishes to contribute to the funds, or anyone that wants to support me and my small committee should contact me via Twitter, email, or the council offices."

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