CORONAVIRUS: Honiton Rugby Club turned community kitchen

  Posted: 24.03.20 at 13:54 by Hannah Corfield

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More items are required for a community cooking initiative set up to make use of food donated by local businesses who are having to shut due to coronavirus.

Cathy McCollum wants to shout out to people and businesses asking for cheese, tins of meat - or anything that can be spared or made use of.

Much of the produce she has already received would have otherwise gone to waste and instead it is being made into frozen meals to deliver to low income families and vulnerable members of the community.

Motivated by the thought of all the kitchens and cafés that are suddenly having to close for the foreseeable future, she decided to make use of any food being 'thrown out'.

In true Honiton fashion businesses have been quick and generous in their response and she has acquired a substantial quantity of produce, which is currently being cooked into dishes that can be distributed to those who need it during these difficult times.

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