Honiton Carers get creative with the Coastal Craft Collective

  Posted: 10.01.20 at 09:44 by Winnie Cameron

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Honiton Carers Support Group enjoyed their first session of 2020 on Wednesday, 8 January at The Methodist Church with a visit from Coastal Craft Collective.

After the initial refreshments had been enjoyed and the housekeeping was finished, Winnie Cameron introduced Gillian from Coastal Craft Collective who gave us a session on silk printing.

The inks, palettes, brushes, water (for cleaning brushes) and a sheet of black paper were laid out on the tables ready for the Carers.

Gillian started by introducing herself and demonstrating the art of silk printing.

Each person was able to select a small picture printed on silk and shown how to fix it onto the black paper taking care not to put the fixing tape on the gold coloured lines, as this line prevents the inks from bleeding.

The whole picture is outlined with gutta gold lines and the ink is painted inside the lines.

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Having selected their individual pictures everyone started to colour them in.

Gillian went around offering help and tips to anyone needing help or guidance throughout the session.

Sharon Smith (who does arts and crafts at Coastal Craft Collective and supports the Honiton Carers) was also on hand to help anyone who needed her expertise.

The finished pictures were absolutely amazing and diverse. The atmosphere in the room was electric with everyone really enjoying their own experience and that of others.

At times, there was lots of chatter exchanging ideas and then periods of complete concentration It was unanimously agreed it was a wonderful afternoons' workshop.

Everyone was able to take their own painting home, and Gillian explained how to set the ink using a hot iron by running it over the painting covered with a cloth.

She also explained that the backing of the silk could then be removed and the painting put on a card or other material.

Win Cameron thanked Gillian for her outstanding workshop and said she looked forward to the next workshop on March 11.

Gillian distributed a leaflet showing crafting workshops in Seaton from January 2020. She also offered silk printing kits for sale to those interested.

Honiton Carers are next meeting on January 22 at Kings House from 2 - 4pm.

Speakers are, Ellie Lister from Healthy Homes for Healthy Lives and June Keith from SANDS.

For more information please contact Winnie Cameron on 07974 636926or email [email protected]

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