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  Posted: 17.05.19 at 15:02 by Jeremy Rice - HRFC Secretary

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Woz on, well it’s nearly all done and dusted for this year and I’m sure a lot of the players and our committee are looking forward to a break from constantly having to think about the next big game.

Having said that, we still have the small matter of the Junior presentation day this Sunday and then the Big Charity day on the May 25.

We do have a different crew sorting this event out as it is for a charity. None the less, there are still a couple of games of rugby to be arranged, Nath and Ben are sorting out teams.

Friday as you know was the Dinner and Dance and it was just great to see all the players and partners, committee and loyal supporters all there to enjoy the evening and it was nice to see people dressed up, looking the “bees knees”, smiling and enjoying themselves.

Big thanks must go to Nathan for organising everything and I know he took the day off on Friday to deal with the details so it all looked pucker for us, along with badgering everyone for money, sorting bands, menu choices, deposits and travel arrangements etc.

It all got sorted and it all ran well and frankly it was a great evening for the club to celebrate the “little” bit of success we’ve had! We all loved the “trophy” table and it was great to see what the boys had actually won this season.

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After the grub, we had the speeches and our President and Chairman thanked the key people on our journey and if I’m not mistaken everyone was thanked for their contribution and there was much reflection, in a nice way, on what we’ve actually achieved and what a wonderful success story it has all been and to thank the coaches, Nathan and Brooksy for their drive and determination to put this small town on the map.

The captains Will, Ben and Nath all had a few words to say which was nice, mucho back slapping all round.

So, on to the awards. Brooksy was the presenter but before I start, I feel it’s important to point out that rugby is a sport that is all about team work and whilst people get awards, we must thank all of the players for their contributions as without a squad mentality, none of this malarkey would have been possible.

Jake Smith won both the points cup and the most tries cup, he had a grand total of 24 tries.

The record incidentally is 43, set back in the very early eighties by a certain Mr Hopgood.

Sam Heathcott won the second team tries shield and Cookie was voted the most improved player in the club, which was well deserved in my book.

The hard working, mega funding raising servant to the club Welly, won the over 40’s player of the year award, he still looks fit for a few more years!

Welshy got nearly all the votes for the Second team “player’s player” award and along with being the boss, he actually played in every position this year and his fundraising exploits were second to none.

He then selected Alex Ashby for his manager’s award, which I know Alex was chuffed about and it only reflects the attitude and work he does for the team.

Cooke was up again for Alex, Brendon and Nath’s choice for the coaches’ award and again this was well deserved.

The new Tony Dimond memorial award for the supporters’ player of the year, went to Josh Rice and it was presented to him by Tony’s wife, Janet.

It was nice to see lots of different names put forward for this award as I guess everyone has their favourite player, obviously I voted for Josh and I hope it’s ok to say it. I was very proud of him this season.

Then in a very closely contested competition, Harry Wright got the “player’s player” award and if you look down the list of previous holders of this cup, you’ll see the names of some half-decent players in their time.

The late John O’brien’s “Pride and Passion” award went to Nick Guilbert, who at the ripe old age of 35 has been an inspiration to many of our “yuff” players over many a year and he has worn his Ton heart on his sleeve in whatever he’s done for the club.

The “hard as” award went to Josh for his tongue exploits in the final and the “squealer” award went to Will Tyers, ask him about it!

The famous Bugle award, which Tim Denne presented back in the dark ages, was as amusing as ever. Just to explain, it is indeed a bugle which the winner has to blow on receipt.

It’s basically for the best/funniest “off the field” performance during the year.

The top six “happenings” are read out on the night and having gone through them all, the one who gets the loudest cheer wins.

There have been some crackers over the years, as you can imagine. This year’s recipient was Bill Baily, again, ask him if you want to know why.

Flowers were given to Jo H, Ally, Clare and the two physios who have all done tremendous work for the club this year, all stars in my book!

So to the clubman of the year award. We had many candidates for the award this year.

For me, this year more than any other I can remember, there has been a great team of volunteers and the “hard pressed” now has many more names in that category but all in all, it’s been a pleasure to work with them all and it’s actually been fun.

People doing things before they need doing, whatever next! If you fancy joining the band of great people please do.

Many hands make light work for all and it gets you out and about a bit. I read out a list of all the helpers this season so they all got a mention and then went onto the voting process.

The top three were Chris, Ally and Clare and all three would, in my book, have deserved it given the hours and hours they put in.

Still, apparently there has to be one winner and this year it went to Ally Pugh, which was a fine reward for all she does, the food/lunches, safeguarding and more.

Anyway, enough on that, it was a great evening and a real revival of an event that was flagging.

Oh, nearly forgot! We did the raffle draw and before I announce the winners a huge thanks to all who bought a ticket.

This “kind losing” gesture went a long way to funding the Twickers trip and without us all buying into it, it would have been even harder to fund.

In third place was Malcolm Lewis Jones winning £250, second was Wanda Bussell winning £500 and the winner was Pauline Curry who got the big £1K prize.

Congrats to all of them and a big thanks to the, not so secret, benefactor who had the vision to put up the prize money to raise even more money, it worked well and we all thank him for that.

Woz on and moving forward, as mentioned we have the Junior presentation on Sunday, May 18, it kicks off at 10.30am. We’d love to see you all down there if you can, even if it’s for a short while. Will and Nath are presenting the awards and there will be a BBQ, beer, cake stalls, etc.

On May 25 there is a charity day with two games, stalls, kids activities, top dog raffle with some great prizes, a BBQ, bar and a band. Come on down and bring your folks as well, should be a good day.

Next season, aaahhh all ready!? We have to hit the ground running and as such we need to plan ahead and the starting point is the AGM which is on June 28. Stick it in your diary, you all need to come along.

To try and be organised for all this, we are planning on holding a series of committee meetings with key bods. First up is one to look at the management structure/roles we want to take forward.

Then we are going to have another one to review the 18/19 finances, sponsorship/marketing and our communications strategies.

The final one is to look at a new “vision plan”. We blinkin went and did the Twickers by 20/20 goal a year early so we need a new goal and a new three year plan.

After the AGM we then need to crack on with domestic stuff like the small matter of sorting out the cellar, the cooker hood, the shower panel and basically finishing off the jobs that were put on hold because of the on-field exploits.

Lets keep the momentum going, don’t forget if you can help in anyway or know any new sponsors who want to come on board for the season just let us know. Onwards and upwards!



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