Local Labour party representative writes letter of support to schools in Honiton

  Posted: 15.10.20 at 07:30 by Jake Bonetta, Secretary - Tiverton and Honiton Constituency Labour Party (CLP)

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Jake Bonetta, Secretary of the local Labour Party, has written to all 55 schools within the constituency to thank them for their hard work during the Covid-19 pandemic and has assured head teachers that their voices are being heard in Westminster.

Having dealt with the difficulty of a national lockdown and a speedy transfer to online learning, schools have been struggling to follow the Government's ever-changing guidelines for the classroom.

Mr Bonetta told Honiton Nub News: "Having my own school experience cut short in March alongside my A-Levels, I feel it is my duty to show support to schools through this difficult time.

"At some points in the crisis head teachers were finding out from TV on Sunday evening, what they were supposed to have in place by Monday morning.

"Technology for supporting students needing free school meals at the height of lockdown also simply failed to work. It is imperative that schools in our area start to see some basic competence from the Government and that our state schools are given the funding they need to deliver students a high quality, safe education."

He has also said that mental health awareness within schools needs to be of paramount focus, as well as necessary reform to the "draconian" exams system to "make school life fairer for teachers, whilst also giving students the skills and the hope to achieve the bright futures they well and truly deserve."

If school leaders, staff of students within the Tiverton and Honiton constituency wish to get in touch with Jake Bonetta regarding his letter, they can contact him at [email protected]

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