WATCH: Moving performance with powerful message 'we will fight'

  Posted: 15.04.20 at 12:53 by Hannah Corfield

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Honiton Makaton Sing and Sign Choir - run by mother and daughter team, Sharon and Nai Parnell, have created a collaborative music video with a powerful message.

“We created this video to show Covid-19 we will not be beaten and we are fighting back,” Sharon Parnell explained to Nub News.

“When the coronavirus crisis prevented social gatherings, we put a message out to members of our Sing and Sign Choir and to the staff, children and families at Mill Water School to ask for their input in this video.

“The idea behind it is so the children get to see familiar faces and for the teachers to show that they are still there for them.

“We were completely overwhelmed by the response we got.

“It proved just how united we are as a group and that in difficult times we come together.

“You don’t realise how close you are until something like this happens, we are like a family.

“The headteacher at Mill Water School has been fantastic at helping us to stay in touch with other using social media and facilitating certain activities.”

Click here for more information on Sharon N Nais Makaton Sing and Sign Choir in Honiton.

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