Your chance to choose your local councillors is almost here

  Posted: 06.03.19 at 16:47 by The Editor

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On May 2, residents will have an opportunity to elect new councillors to represent them on East Devon District Council, and all members of town and parish councils.

This is our big opportunity to make sure the right people are voted in. These elections only happen every four years.

In Seaton, many people know very little about what the town council is doing since the View From Seaton and Colyton closed down.

Yet it is supporting the Grizzly and Cycle Fest, organising beach cleans and artisan markets, getting traffic slowed on Seaton Down Hill, and negotiating with the primary school and Leisure East Devon to keep the school swimming pool open to all in the summer - to name just some current concerns.

With less press coverage, social media has come to the fore, and councillors have been getting a lot of stick.

Certainly, not everything is done as well and quickly as we might like but town councillors are unpaid volunteers and there is only one full-time employee, the clerk.

NEW WEEKLY NEWSLETTER!! Keep your town in your pocket.

If you don’t like what’s going on, stand for election.

Nomination papers are now in Marshlands. Use your vote for people you can trust to work hard for the town.

Also let’s give a big welcome to Nub News, and hope it helps fill the information gap in our area.

Written by Martin Shaw - Independent East Devon Alliance county councillor for Seaton and Colyton. @MartinShawEDA

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