Honiton hypnotherapist delves into the fascinating world of phobias and how you can break free  Full Article

Posted: 08.08.19 by Laura Culley Opinion

A phobia is an excessive and irrational reaction to a particular object, scenario, place or person. Phobias quite often interfere with a person’...

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Faith in Human Nature Restored on London to Honiton Train  Full Article

Posted: 05.08.19 by Maria Murray Opinion

Thursday 25th July - the hottest day in London this year. Why oh why did I choose that day to travel into the capital? Against my husband’s adv...

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Finding happiness through gratitude  Full Article

Posted: 15.07.19 by Laura Culley Opinion

I know I am always preaching about how practising gratitude can help your mood, but did you know that it is also backed by science? There are even stu...

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Teenagers and body image  Full Article

Posted: 06.07.19 by Ian Taylor Opinion

By now it should be obvious that the 'ideal' body images we see in the media are largely unrealistic. Yet, they still get promoted. Te...

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Honiton hypnotherapist provides insight into practice and how it could help you  Full Article

Posted: 25.06.19 by The Editor Opinion

We all have certain hang-ups about ourselves - or habits that don't serve us. Have you ever wondered whether hypnotherapy might be the answer?...

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Things to do for the youth of Honiton  Full Article

Posted: 18.06.19 by Ian Taylor Opinion

In terms of socialising, it is difficult to say that the youth of Honiton have many places to go. A few years back, the town introduced a skate pa...

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You may have heard of High Intensity Interval Training, but do you know what it is'  Full Article

Posted: 10.06.19 by The Editor Opinion

There is a lot more to High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) than just Burpees, aggressive 'militant style' instructors - resulting in yo...

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A review of the season that saw HRFC achieve their wildest dreams  Full Article

Posted: 07.06.19 by The Editor Opinion

‘Woz on’ has been high jacked this week by a review of the season - all a bit factual I’m afraid. I’ll get back to doing a pro...

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Politics, golden shorts and preparation for next season in the latest Woz On  Full Article

Posted: 31.05.19 by The Editor Opinion

I may have caused a bit of a fuss regarding my comments last week and social media had a raft of comments about this celebration thing. I/we were i...

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Exam season and teenage mental health  Full Article

Posted: 24.05.19 by The Editor Opinion

It's exam season, and it is safe to say that it's always a stressful time for students. As a student myself in year 12, I am witnes...

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