10 common cognitive distortions that affect mood and behaviour - and how to recognise them  Full Article

Posted: 02.10.19 by Laura Culley Opinion

How many times have you imagined the very worst-case scenario, worrying yourself sick over something that ultimately never happened? Just think, you c...

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Gate To Plate II - The Flavour Strikes Back!  Full Article

Posted: 28.09.19 by Duncan Sheridan-Shaw Opinion

Well, what a great day! Yet again the Gate to Plate event landed in Honiton to the throng of crowds, supporting players, musicians and local counc...

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Woz On - Two players injured early in the season  Full Article

Posted: 27.09.19 by Jeremy Rice - Honiton RFC Opinion

Some of you might have noticed there was no “Woz on” last week and you were probably glad of the rest. The reason for the lapse was I was away ...

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The latest news from Honiton Carers Support Group  Full Article

Posted: 26.09.19 by Honiton Carers Support Group - Winnie Cameron Opinion

Honiton Carers Support Group enjoyed two very interesting speakers at their last meeting on Wednesday, September 25, at Hospiscare Kings House. Win...

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A fascinating insight into the connection between mind, behaviour and emotions  Full Article

Posted: 04.09.19 by The Editor Opinion

This month's vlog, brought to you by Honiton hypnotherapist Laura Culley, sheds light on how our body language, thoughts and emotions are all inte...

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Woz On at Honiton RFC - Season preparations almost complete  Full Article

Posted: 23.08.19 by Jeremy Rice - Honiton RFC Opinion

Woz on, well firstly I have to eat humble pie. Having been a tad rude about the Welsh for not topping the world rankings last week I’m forced to unf...

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Honiton hypnotherapist delves into the fascinating world of phobias and how you can break free  Full Article

Posted: 08.08.19 by Laura Culley Opinion

A phobia is an excessive and irrational reaction to a particular object, scenario, place or person. Phobias quite often interfere with a person’...

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Faith in Human Nature Restored on London to Honiton Train  Full Article

Posted: 05.08.19 by Maria Murray Opinion

Thursday 25th July - the hottest day in London this year. Why oh why did I choose that day to travel into the capital? Against my husband’s adv...

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Finding happiness through gratitude  Full Article

Posted: 15.07.19 by Laura Culley Opinion

I know I am always preaching about how practising gratitude can help your mood, but did you know that it is also backed by science? There are even stu...

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Teenagers and body image  Full Article

Posted: 06.07.19 by Ian Taylor Opinion

By now it should be obvious that the 'ideal' body images we see in the media are largely unrealistic. Yet, they still get promoted. Te...

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