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OPINION: Universal Credit claimants more than double in East Devon since February

Posted: 23.05.20 by Councillor Mike Allen - St Michael's Ward, Honiton Opinion

The importance of the retail, hospitality and leisure sector in the East Devon Area is highlighted in a dramatic way by these latest figures on univer...

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Woz On - Vandalism, fancy dress and the Coronavirus

Posted: 13.03.20 by Jeremy Rice - Honiton Rugby Football Club Opinion

Well as I said a couple of weeks back, this here Corona thing ain’t going away and as I’m sure you all know it has escalated somewhat. I guess ...

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OPINION: East Devon Council leader responds to Conservative ‘mountain of debt’ criticism

Posted: 08.03.20 by Ben Ingham - Leader of East Devon District Council and Ward Member for Woodbury, Woodbury Salterton, Exton and Lympstone Opinion

East Devon District Council leader Ben Ingham has responded Conservative criticism of his Independent administration’s spending plans. Here is hi...

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OPINION: Conservatives blow the whistle on plans to build a mountain of debt for East Devon

Posted: 08.03.20 by Phillip Twiss – Conservative District Councillor for Honiton St. Michael's. Opinion

East Devon District Council met on February 26 to fulfil its legal requirement to present a balanced budget that in 2020/21 increases its share of the...

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Do you ever feel like a fraud? Discover about 'imposter syndrome'

Posted: 07.02.20 by Laura Culley Opinion

Have you ever had that feeling that you just aren't clever enough, qualified enough, experienced enough or generally good enough to deserve the jo...

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Liz Pole on the way forward for Labour

Posted: 17.12.19 by The Editor Opinion

We’ve had our third General Election campaign in four and a half years, and it's a credit to the people of Tiverton and Honiton that they found ...

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VLOG: Surviving Christmas

Posted: 09.12.19 by The Editor Opinion

Watch the latest vlog courtesy of our monthly contributor, Laura Culley. Laura is a highly qualified hypnotherapist; with lots of experience of hel...

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Honiton youth speaks out about election concerns

Posted: 04.12.19 by Ian Taylor Opinion

Elections for many young people can be terrifying, but especially this one. For starters, we were denied the power for 16 and over to vote, becaus...

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VIDEO interview with local Labour candidate Liz Pole

Posted: 19.11.19 by The Editor Opinion

On December 12, the UK is holding a General Election giving those who are registered the opportunity to vote for a political party of their choosing. ...

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Beating the winter blues

Posted: 04.11.19 by Laura Culley Opinion

Winter is most definitely approaching fast. For many of us, the season brings with it a number of unwelcome thoughts and feelings. Symptoms such a...

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