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Ben Ingham - Leader of East Devon District Council and Ward Member for Woodbury, Woodbury Salterton, Exton and Lympstone.

East Devon District Council leader Ben Ingham has responded Conservative criticism of his Independent administration's spending plans.

Here is his full response: "It is worth noting the current East Devon Portfolio Holder for Finance was of course, not only the Leader of the Conservative Group and East Devon District Council in to 2018/19 Council year, prior to his resignation from the party in the run up to Council Elections. Post election he subsequently served as the first Independent Leader of East Devon District Council before being appointed Portfolio Holder for Finance in the Independent administration - the experienced and widely respected councillor Ian Thomas with continuous Cabinet service through the last decade.

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Phillip Twiss – Conservative District Councillor for Honiton St. Michael's.

East Devon District Council met on February 26 to fulfil its legal requirement to present a balanced budget that in 2020/21 increases its share of the overall Council Tax demand paid by residents in the District by 3.5%. This includes over £400,000 on Consultants and over £300,000 on a Climate Change strategy.

The councillor in charge of finance in admitting that he inherited a good set of financial affairs from the previous Conservative administration despite protestations from other Independent councillors to the contrary, then proceeded to support a potential expenditure of £42 million to upgrade of existing council homes to a carbon neutral standard, which would cost an extra £3 million per year on top of a potential £2 million deficit in 2022.

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Have you ever had that feeling that you just aren't clever enough, qualified enough, experienced enough or generally good enough to deserve the job or position you hold?

It is extremely common. It is known as 'imposter syndrome' and can affect men and women of all ages. However, many people with imposter syndrome don't recognise it in themselves as they genuinely believe they are a fraud.

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Liz Pole on the way forward for Labour

By Hannah Corfield

17th Sep 2021 | Opinion

We've had our third General Election campaign in four and a half years, and it's a credit to the people of Tiverton and Honiton that they found the enthusiasm to engage with our new policies and to go out to vote.

All the candidates were charming in person, and we were lucky here that all the campaign teams ran a reasonably civil contest.

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VLOG: Surviving Christmas

By Hannah Corfield

17th Sep 2021 | Opinion

Watch the latest vlog courtesy of our monthly contributor, Laura Culley.

Laura is a highly qualified hypnotherapist; with lots of experience of helping people to overcome issues and combat bad habits.

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Hannah Corfield with Labour candidate, Liz Pole

On December 12, the UK is holding a General Election giving those who are registered the opportunity to vote for a political party of their choosing.

In the run up to polling day, Nub News will be interviewing candidates standing for the various political parties for the Tiverton and Honiton constituency.

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Beating the winter blues

By Guest

17th Sep 2021 | Opinion

Winter is most definitely approaching fast. For many of us, the season brings with it a number of unwelcome thoughts and feelings.

Symptoms such as lethargy, depression, overeating, irritability, sleep disorders and generally feeling down and anti-social can all be signs of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

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How many times have you imagined the very worst-case scenario, worrying yourself sick over something that ultimately never happened? Just think, you could have saved yourself all that misery.

Have you ever worried so much over something that you completely talked yourself out of doing it? Do you ever regret that decision? Was it based on fact or was it just your over-active imagination replaying horror stories in your mind of what "might" happen?

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