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Honiton 729 Club gears up for 'Covid-friendly' reunion

Posted: 18.09.20 by The Editor Community News

Honiton 729 Club is excited to announce that members are invited to meet up again, following months of being closed due to lockdown. The session ...

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Support Honiton Carers through the Co-operative Local Community Fund

Posted: 11.09.20 by The Editor Community News

For many carers in Honiton, lockdown has been especially tough. Not only have they had to cope with being even more isolated but support groups, which...

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Working at Honiton Co-op has big impact on young man's life

Posted: 29.08.20 by The Editor Chatter

A sense of belonging and local community has made a big impact on a young man starting out a career in retail sales at a Honiton store. The Co-o...

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Lifetime member of Honiton Co-op recalls High Street store

Posted: 19.08.20 by The Editor Community News

Over three decades of changing times, a Honiton woman has served her community through the local Co-op store. Susan Richards first joined the Co-op...

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Honiton woman celebrates 10 year anniversary at Lace Walk Co-op

Posted: 14.08.20 by The Editor Community News

After a decade of service to the Honiton community through her work at a town centre store, a local woman has spoken of the delight she gets simply fr...

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Successful year for Honiton Sixth Formers despite coronavirus

Posted: 13.08.20 by The Editor Chatter

Honiton Community College Sixth Form students are celebrating another year of great results. This is despite being unable to sit exams due to the coro...

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Honiton girl wins competition to be train announcement voice

Posted: 12.08.20 by The Editor Chatter

Evie Thew from Honiton has won a competition to voice an appeal by children of South Western Railway (SWR) staff, asking passengers to help keep their...

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PHOTO GALLERY: Abbeyfield residents with jigsaws made by 1st Honiton Scout Group

Posted: 10.08.20 by Helen Sarah Turner Chatter

Residents at Abbeyfield Hill House in Honiton are enjoying piecing together jigsaws created by members of 1st Honiton Scout Group....

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PHOTO GALLERY: 1st Honiton Scout Group make jigsaws for Abbeyfield residents

Posted: 10.08.20 by Helen Sarah Turner Chatter

Members of 1st Honiton Scout Group drew and coloured pictures onto wooden 12-piece jigsaws for the residents at Abbeyfield Hill House in Honiton. ...

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1st Honiton Scouts: World Scout Scarf Day

Posted: 03.08.20 by Helen Sarah Turner Chatter


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