BREAKING NEWS: Solution to the parking problem in Honiton

  Posted: 01.04.21 at 09:26 by Hannah Corfield

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Flamboyant Honiton Town Crier, Dave Retter, is set to apply for outline planning permission for a multi-storey car park, with the capacity for 800 cars, in a field near St Michael’s Church.

Dave has plans ready to submit to the local authorities, which show a concrete structure about the height of Big Ben. It has eight levels and will accommodate 800 vehicles.

Because the structure is all reinforced concrete, it is proposed to be painted bright yellow to match the daffodils.

Dave thinks that with a shuttle service to-and-fro from the High Street it will solve the issue of parking in Honiton.

Dave told Nub News: “I feel it will add modern day character to the wonderful historic market and lace town of Honiton.

“And I anticipate that parking charges would be pennies and not pounds.”

More details on this are to follow.

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