Honiton Carers Support Group are reminded of the importance of 'enjoying the now'

  Posted: 12.09.19 at 10:48 by Winnie Cameron

Honiton Carers enjoyed a session with Jan Sutcliffe at their meeting on September 11.

Jan's talk was aptly called “No end of Beginnings” and was very thought provoking indeed, but also humorous in places.

It certainly made for a rather interesting discussion amongst us all as to where and how each of us find the resilience to carry on doing what we do.

We also discussed how each day is a new beginning and how important is is to live in and enjoy the now as you never know what is around the corner.

The session ended with refreshments and a much enjoyed social.

For further information about Honiton Carers Support Group, please contact Winnie Cameron on [email protected] or 07974 636926.

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