Honiton Weather Now - weekend weather report

  Posted: 20.09.19 at 09:14 by Chris Honiton Weather Now

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Hello! It's your Weather Man from Honiton with your weekend weather report.

Friday 20 September starts with some mist around but clearing out for another dry sunny day ahead.

A noticeable fresh South Easterly breeze, which at times will be strong and at times gusty.

Maximum temperature of 21°C.

Saturday brings us a low-pressure to the west. This low brings spots of rain and a brisk southeast wind for all.

Maximum temperature of 19°C.

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Sunday staying with the cloud and rain but brighter weather follows into the west of the UK, together with scattered showers over western coasts.

Maximum temperature of 17°C.

That's your quick weekend weather report - more details on the website, which can be accessed via the red button below.

You can also follow my daily weather reports on Twitter (@HonitonWeather) and Facebook page (Honiton Weather Now).

Whatever the weather enjoy your weekend folks!

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