MP Neil Parish has this message for Honiton constituents

  Posted: 25.03.20 at 10:57 by Hannah Corfield

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We find ourselves in unprecedented territory, due to the coronavirus outbreak, with every aspect of normal life seemingly affected.

It is a time when we have had to look to our leaders for guidance and instruction on the most fundamental aspects of our lives - leaving the house, buying food and work.

As the parliamentary representative for Honiton, Nub News contacted MP Neil Parish for his message to the town at this time of great uncertainty.

He told us: "Coronavirus is the biggest challenge this country has faced for a generation - affecting individuals, families and businesses.

"To overcome these daunting times, we must all play our part for our local community.

"Firstly, I would like to pay tribute to the tireless efforts of our NHS staff and health professionals.

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"Their dedication and perseverance have been truly outstanding during this national emergency.

"I applaud the Government’s commitment to ensure the NHS receives as much funding as is required to tackle COVID-19.

"Many businesses within Honiton, and across the county, have contacted me expressing their concern over the current situation.

"The Government’s measures to protect businesses are substantial.

"The suspension of business rates, increased grant funding for smaller businesses and the creation of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme are welcome.

"However, it is paramount the Treasury ensures these schemes are readily available and distributed immediately.

"I will continue to provide support for local businesses in any way I can, throughout this crisis.

"I am heartened by the outpouring of support we have seen in our community.

"Local charities and volunteer organisations have worked around the clock to ensure vulnerable residents continue to receive the care they need.

"Now, we can all play our part.

"To help our health service and our local community, we must stay at home.

"Yes, it will take time to adapt and adjust, but we must not get frustrated.

"By strictly following the Government’s new measures, we are helping to tackle coronavirus and save lives.

"If you are an individual or business owner in need of my help, please do not hesitate to contact me."

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