Popular shop manager to leave after 14 years at Feniton Spar

  Posted: 12.08.19 at 10:41 by Hannah Corfield

28-year-old Gary Grove is leaving Feniton Spar after 14 years' employment - the past five of which were as the store's manager.

Under Grove's management the store has gone from strength to strength and is a popular hub within the local community.

Honiton Nub News caught up with Gary to find out what the future holds for him.

He said: "I leave next Wednesday (August 21), which is a bit weird. I was here when I was at school, so it's all I've ever known.

"I've got a job as an Open Reach Engineer, which is completely different, but friends mentioned it and I fancied a career change.

"I thought I should grab the opportunity while I'm young enough to do it."

When asked about the highlights in his time working at the shop, he said: "In the last five years as manager, the store has increased year-on-year in terms of sales' growth, and the customer base has also grown.

"So, overall the shop has grown massively over the past five years.

"Obviously, this has been helped by the new estate being built in Feniton - but it's still quite impressive to have one of the best performing Spars within the company.

"There are 72 stores in the South West within the Gilets group, owned by Appleby Westward [different Spars are owned by different companies] and Feniton Spar ranks in the top six.

"The customers have been amazing - the relationship you build with people working here is something I'm definitely going to miss.

"That is going to be the hardest thing about leaving here," he added.

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