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Some of you might have noticed there was no "Woz on" last week and you were probably glad of the rest.

The reason for the lapse was I was away down in Cornwall (as they say), getting the last of the summer rays and doing a bit of surfing on sun kissed, deserted beaches, twas blinkin lubbly.

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This month's vlog, brought to you by Honiton hypnotherapist Laura Culley, sheds light on how our body language, thoughts and emotions are all interconnected.

By changing one, we can alter negativity in the other. So, for example; if you're feeling in a low mood and are slumped in a chair with your arms crossed - by consciously getting up, stretching and opening up your posture, there will be an automatic shift in your emotional state.

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Woz on, well firstly I have to eat humble pie. Having been a tad rude about the Welsh for not topping the world rankings last week I'm forced to unfortunately congratulate them on doing so this week!

I'm also unhappy to say it was done with a narrow defeat of my team which just rubs salt in the wound. Maybe it was the playing at home factor but whatever the Welsh boys looked much sharper this week and were "quicker of thought".

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I know I am always preaching about how practising gratitude can help your mood, but did you know that it is also backed by science? There are even studies which show how it can make changes to your brain.

Practising gratitude really works for me when I am feeling a bit fed up and focusing on all the negative things and I know it works for my clients, too. It is easy to get into that downward spiral when things aren't going to plan or you're feeling a bit low.

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In terms of socialising, it is difficult to say that the youth of Honiton have many places to go.

A few years back, the town introduced a skate park, which was immediately filled with various sub-cultures, which to outsiders of said cultures means that we are, frankly, without a skate park.

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